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Join us for this Exclusive Webinar with Wade Myers

Whether or not your business opportunity succeeds or fails is predictable



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In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • The details of why the failure rates are so high
  • The research and analysis behind those failure rates
  • How to increase success
  • Case studies on the predictability of failure vs. success with real company examples
WadeWade is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and speaker. He is the managing director of Boldmore Growth Partners where he manages an investment fund and oversees a portfolio of early-stage to middle-market companies. He has founded or co-founded, invested in, and been a director of over 25 companies and has completed 55 financing and M&A transactions. His other work experience includes the Boston Consulting Group and Mobil Corporation. Wade also served as an Airborne Ranger in the US Army where he was a decorated veteran of the Gulf War. He is a Baker Scholar graduate of Harvard’s MBA program and is married with five children.